12 October, 2007

An update on the building works.

We wanted to give you a little update on how the building work is progressing. The floor is coming on day by day so it looks like the first wave of market stalls will be back inside the market by the start of November, with more and more stallholders joining them in the following weeks.

Once we have an exact date we'll post it here.

Some facts!

We've recently been looking into Old Spitalfields Market's history and have uncovered some intriguing facts.

Did you know that in 1940 the Spitalfields fruit and veg traders clubbed together to buy a single-seater Spitfire aircraft to aid the war effort? They called it Fruitation.

Also, in the early 1790s The Spitalfields Mathematical Society attempted an electrical experiment with a cable attached to the steeple of Christ Church. It was abandoned because of popular unrest.

05 October, 2007

What's currently happening in the market..

If you have visited Old Spitalfields Market of late you will no doubt already be aware that the market stalls have been moved out of the central market area - this is because of the internal building works currently taking place.

Until the internal building work is completed in late autumn (we'll let you know the exact date as soon as we can), there is limited space for market stalls. Many of the stalls have been temporarily relocated to Lamb St. Where possible, stalls are also being placed at the entrances to Old Spitalfields Market.

The Market Week (during the refurbishment works)
Monday & Tuesday: All shops & no stalls

Wednesday: Records & books on 1st & 3rd Wed of the month (in Spitalfields Traders Market)

Thursday: Antiques & vintage clothes 

Friday: Fashion & art

Saturday: All shops & no stalls

Sunday: Busiest day

A little more information on the works taking place...
The refurbishment works aim to alleviate the effects of over a century of wear and tear in a way that is sympathetic to the unique architecture. Tens of thousands of hand-riven grey Welsh slates have been laid on the roof, new historically sympathetic lighting is being introduced, shop fronts and gates are being restored and the market floor is being completely replaced. The refurbishment of the Horner Buildings as a whole will conclude in spring 2008.